Binary image and upload in gridview

Last post Aug 14, Aug 12, Aug 13, Create a new asp. In the code-behind, add the following namespace using System. Drag and drop two label and one textbox control. Also drag drop a FileUpload control and a button control to upload the selected image on button click.

As mentioned earlier, there are no validations performed. The source would look similar to the following: In the button click event, add the following code: Read imgByte, 0, File. AddWithValue " enm", txtEName. In order to display the image on the page, we will create an Binary image and upload in gridview handler. The binary image and upload in gridview shown below, uses the Request. We then read the stream into a byte array. Writewe write the sequence of bytes to the current stream and you get to see your image.

SqlClient; public class ShowImage: QueryString["id"] ; else throw new ArgumentException "No parameter specified" ; context. AddWithValue " ID", empno ; connection. Add the following code in the button click just above the catch block to call the handler and display the newly inserted image from the database. Binary image and upload in gridview 14, The "export" here means downloading, so "save as" window cannot be avoided. It gives the chance to user for picking a location to save or something.

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