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As a European regulated broker WHS needs to meet strict requirements and to maintain high operational quality standards. This site offers simple systems and methods for trading emini markets and stocks developed by a veteran trader and a long-time Sierra Chart user. We can offer you the best discretionary trading approach that we have developed so far for trading currency forex markets and can be executed consistently in a systematic way.

Please see our site for contact info and more details. Advanced algorithms for tracking and analyzing market behavior. Our adaptive, non-linear formulas give a real edge over strategies based on classical technical analysis. Our JMA is recognized as the "gold standard" in moving averages, even superior to institutional favorites like the Kalman filter.

Jurik Research has been on the leading edge since We received awards from Stocks and Commodities Magazine and gave invited presentations to both national and international trading associations.

Visit our website and see the difference. We have one goal Beating Wall Street at its own game. We understand the hedge funds world and unlike many of them who make their money largely from commissions and keep their trading models secret, we believe innovation requires transparency. We believe in a hedge fund that allows its investors to understand the investment strategy.

For this reason we perfected our trading strategy and consequently created a trading course where we explain our methodology step by step. Founded by a PhD mathematician, Hidden Force Flux offers a unique platform uncovering order flow events hidden to most traders.

Hidden Force Flux tracks and highlights these events in real-time, enabling traders to gain an informational advantage that can take their trading to the next level. Gain the edge-become a better informed trader with Hidden Force Flux. Try our day free trial at www. Beacon Commodity Trading - Custom tools, indicators, and trading system development for Sierra Charts. MC Fractal Studies disassemble the market data in an objective way and organize charts information in order to identify all the various Waves on all the various fractal scales that make up the typical market charts, and show them to the eyes of investors in an inclusive but detailed way.

The ability to view and examine the multi-scale fractal market structure of a chart can immensely help an investor, giving him an edge that can be used to increase trading performance. Sign up for a days Free Trial! PriceSquawk is an audible trading tool, allowing traders to listen to price action, buying and selling activity and volume flow in any market for an edge.

Real-time market data is converted into trade sounds, price action commentary and volume focused alerts, adding an audible dimension of market information to your current trading setup.

Utilize PriceSquawk audio to enhance your focus on markets and stay tuned to market leading order flow across multiple asset classes. Download your 14 day free trial of PriceSquawk and access our free prop shop training exercises. After a decade in the markets we aim to provide a complete guide for professional retail traders as to the use of automated strategies to enhance their profits in the FX market.

With free trials offered each month, it's no wonder The Trader Institute has been a pillar in the trader education space. He has been trading since and educating students since Simon J always felt that volume held hidden secrets and one day decided to lock himself away to study it until he could crack the code, which he certainly did.

Simon will introduce to you: As always you are welcome to join us in our live trials, absolutely free of charge and witness the power and magic of volume profile for yourself. We are Order Flow Traders offering a truly unique view on the markets utilizing our proprietary Order-Flow trading method. Receive updates on the latest and greatest franchises and business opportunities delivered to your inbox each week.

No spam , just good, helpful information for aspiring entrepreneurs. We do not SPAM you. We don't share our mailing list. Your Trading Room Request Information. The first company to establish 24 hour 5 day a week live professionally moderated trading rooms on a global basis.

Focus on developing, training and retaining day and swing Traders through transparent, high-probability trading strategies. All partners receive 5 year option by YTR to acquire brokerage book at 4X times multiple.

License fee per region: YTR will allocate the license fee specifically for Google marketing and advertising and the balance for operations, national infomercial and weekly seminars in MRD territory. YTR will facilitate entire sales process and expenses associated for weekly webinar and seminars under MRD oversight. Brokerage commission for every trade made by client who opens up trading account with recommended independent broker TotallyFX NFA licensing may be required to be eligible for trading commissions.

Equity ownership through 5 year option to trailing brokerage at 4X times multiple. Passive business opportunity with option to become active!