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This compares the best available online rates for changing your foreign cash back into pounds. Always double-check providers' website prices before buying your currency. With credit cards, the rate for purchases as opposed to balance transfers or cash withdrawals is used as the main rate to advertise the card.

So if that is described as Loans are slightly simpler as they only have one rate. So if a loan is advertised as being 7. If you use a bureau de change to exchange cash, and it goes bust while it has your money, you have no protection. This is why we warn against using these firms to buy money a long time in advance. This even means there's a slight risk in using delivery options - handing over your pile of cash in return for theirs is the safest route.

Don't let it hold your cash for any longer than needed. Usually this isn't a problem, but on rare occasions it can be and there's little recourse. Bureaux de change don't have to be authorised by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority FCA , because they are not viewed as providing a payment service - instead the business is simply seen as selling you goods foreign cash in the same way corner shops sell tins of baked beans we've lobbied for this to be changed.

Most of the bureaux listed in the travel money tool are FCA authorised - but some are not. We explain what this means for you below. Banks, building societies, the Post Office, and certain other public bodies can operate in this market without explicit authorisation, as the FCA already supervises them more closely for other aspects of their business.

Indeed, these big trusted brands are probably a less risky option than a smaller bureau de change. That means they don't have to provide as much information to the FCA - so the FCA has less control and can't monitor the firm as closely. But, either way both registered and authorised bureaux must follow certain FCA rules such as how they provide services to their customers and having a formal complaints procedure. We're not saying you shouldn't use bureaux that aren't FCA authorised.

If you're just using the bureau to exchange a small amount of cash for your holiday relatively quickly, you should be fine. Remember, even if an FCA-authorised bureau went bust your money is still not protected. We spend a lot of time researching and deciding the bureaux that should go in the travel money tool. This means that bureaux must have certain controls to prevent them being used for money laundering by criminals and terrorists. Though again, we stress, that still doesn't mean you have any protection from them going bust and we don't check for firms' solvency when we include them in results, it's just an automated list.

You're a captive customer at an airport or ferry terminal, so you'll probably be lumbered with the worst rates possible. If you must get it from the airport, pre-order for pick-up to get a better rate usually possible until four hours beforehand. Use the search on the left, selecting 'Airport pickup', and this will list the providers that allow you to do this. We have built this focused on travel money for holidays, not larger transactions.

The warnings and info given here is tailored for that. If you are planning to change larger amounts it's important to be aware How does it work. Choose your account type What service do you need? Currency tools to match your ambitions. For your business Export to new markets. Grow your business abroad. For online sellers Sell internationally.

We can help you bring your earnings back home, so you can keep growing. For you Buying a new home abroad. If you wish to consult one of ANZ's financial advisers, please contact us on ANZ will not store the information provided in this calculator. Registered ANZ Phone Banking customers can arrange for travel funds, an international money transfer or bank draft by calling and choosing option 5.

View current fees and charges. The calculator is intended to be illustrative only and does not constitute a quote by ANZ. Your Foreign Exchange Profile Unfortunately, due to banking, government or other restrictions, ANZ is unable to quote an exchange rate for the foreign currency you have selected. The currency may be tradeable subject to conditions and the exchange rate is available on application.