Indiabulls online trading account

Please enter the same to verify. E account, a digital account opening platform is swift, hassle-free and paperless. The client needs to access the web link https: This process enables an individual customer from indiabulls online trading account the country or outside the country to open an account online.

Single online indiabulls online trading account window provided to the client for trading in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency derivative and commodity market. Basket order aides the client to place orders in various securities at the same time. This is available in cash and intraday product.

Spread order feature aides the client to roll over from their current position to the next months. A derivatives trading strategy, spread order helps to capitalise on the differences between the prices of executed legs. It involves entering 2 different expiry periods for the underlying asset for long and short periods using single window. Assume that the Nifty March Futures is trading at and Nifty Indiabulls online trading account Futures is trading at [difference between the two contracts is 40 points].

Any reduction in the difference would be profitable using single window. Offer for Sale Indiabulls online trading account is a mechanism which enables the promoters of a listed company to sell or dilute their existing shareholdings in a transparent manner.

Systematic Equity Plan SEP allows clients to invest a fixed sum of money regularly at fixed intervals in selected stocks. Investor can select a SEP for a period of 24 months in which he invests an amount of Rs.

Clients are allowed to trade in the future segment on Initial Margins. An exposure margin is not required to create a position. Pre and Post market functionality allows a customer to trade in the capital market when the markets are closed, i. Live intraday chart updates to help you make informed decisions.

Transfer funds from any of your linked bank accounts to broker account using Payment Indiabulls online trading account facility. Equity trading is the buying and selling of company stock shares of a listed company through stock broker. Derivative includes both Future and Option of the Equity shares. A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.

Mutual Funds helps in the following ways: Indiabulls ventures limited also offers to invest in online Mutual funds.

You can invest through SIP. Our Advantages We do it differently. A dedicated relationship manager per customer. Open a new trading account with ease. A user-friendly trading platform. PIB promises the fastest execution of trade orders. Timely information passed to client. Free first year AMC. Same day fund transfer. Features We make things easier than ever. Online Account Opening E account, a digital account opening platform is swift, hassle-free and paperless.

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