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Have a stupid question here: Can someone explain how these guys are doing? Had a not so pleasant experience with IQ option so far, the story goes like this: I made a profit of USD 86prior to that i sent them my verification documents of my bank card and my photo ID as I know that would help speed up the withdrawal process. I sent my iq binare optionen demokonto forum over e-mail again and the support said that they received my documents already By then i have saved the conversation dialog for future reference.

Today, I was told to make another withdrawal request by a support staff through skrill told that it will be processed 3 working days and apologised as it was a technical error. Shall see how this one goes, if my request is cancelled again we will know this broker is shady. In practice, I made deposits and iq binare optionen demokonto forum out the truth: This platform is programmed to win with the DEMO account, which does not happen with the real account.

It is possible to have a meager gains so you can not understand that there is iq binare optionen demokonto forum schedule, but the losses are enormously different when compared to the DEMO account and the REAL. The Platform behaves in an extremely differentiated way. But in practice it is illusory. By adding a real value, you have absolutely nothing to do. Always made real launches, they triggered the programming to gradually lose all investment, which can clearly understand that the platform is controlled.

They will never let your balance reach a value for withdrawal. I have won a lot, a lot with the DEMO account, I have reached almost HALF MILLION with the thousand they make available, but in the real account they allow you to win to some extent to deceive you, this only as long as you are far from value for withdrawal, Then they begin to control so that you start to iq binare optionen demokonto forum everything instantly.

It's been one week since I have started my withdrawal request and provided my documents. If it's not shady what do you call it?? You don't have a problem because you are getting benefits from them as a referral partner???

I never had issues with Any of my forex Brokers like ic markets and pepperstoneamount in my bank by a latest a week. I think now is the time to send a complaint about IQ optionit seems like they are now even ignoring my iq binare optionen demokonto forum requests and don't even reply the emails I send them becouse there is nothing they can now usk for in terms of document that they can use as an excuse.

I am loosing trust in brokers even when they are registered. Others are even frequently on top 10 like Maksim K. I suggest there be threads on withdrawals on this forum and others.

I that itself rates the brokers. That could help a lot plus I think most will do like that. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: Blue Sky Binary Posts: February edited February Hello, Unless you have verified bank account statements audited by independent auditors like KPMG, which show that those 3 iq binare optionen demokonto forum the top made a million, operate under the assumption that those are bots always 'winning' so it keeps the tournament prize pool money coming in.

When bots 'win' its actually just money straight into the pockets of IQ Option. It just gives the impression that 'someone' won, but thats unlikely. Signal Hive - The No. Hey guys,im new here. Hi Stevoxvox, If there is nothing wrong with the documents you provided, then indeed it is a joke that it has taken so long. What reason are they giving for this? The amount you are withdrawing is peanuts to IQ Option so it's a bit surprising. How about this guy? I was hoping that someone might give me few tips or teach me few thingsam a young kid and a fast learner.

I would really appreciate it. That is the lesson for today. Hi guys, I have been trying to withdraw to neteller for almost a month without any success after withdrawing all the money i started with to my bank cards. There is anothet screenshot I took after realizing that they set limit to my withdrawals. I didn't take any bonus when I started trading.

I read on another website. Yes noticed that there are those who are happy with themI think they play their thing of carefully. I guess they were just chasing me away by giving me hardship. The manager called me apologising now now as I was writhing. Giving me the excuses I believe. They say there was miscalculation but that was not presented to instead they written that my account iq binare optionen demokonto forum not verified.

I even downloaded the recorder to record conversation incase there is still going to be problems. Okay I will start it soon. Hello everybodyIQ on top of white ;listed brokers in almost every iq binare optionen demokonto forumbut when you have a question and contact themyou may not get a reply at allthat is what happen with meI guess too big brokers may not be the right choice too.

Gain some money with a website that pays me to click on ads I started like everyone else I came to open 2 Demo accounts I remember that there were still tournaments In a third attempt got to do iq binare optionen demokonto forum than 7, profit Made an investment of After much sweat, tears, get a taste of total bankruptcy throat, almost suffering a stroke and dry swallow several times I got here with my I'm a little disappointed with the withdrawals because they are taking too long I have registered two days ago woth IQoption with demo account.

For now everything is going ok. So I want to make sure that there is no different between demo and real account. Any answer from people who tried that. Sun Apr 8 Tokyo: January edited December in Brokers. No, iq option is trusted by BinaryOptions. Yes -Free Demo Account?: Yes This forum thread is for discussion of anything related to IQ Option and we will add any frequently asked questions to this post.

Visit the IQ Option website. I am a newbie and am trying to research which broker is best to deal with. I have read that you generally recommend market world and 24option. The thing is that their payout is less than say IQ option. Did any of you try this broker? The iq binare optionen demokonto forum looks quite ok and the delay on demo is fine too. I searched online for reviews but didn't find anything negative. January edited January I like their platform and payouts. Maybe a small amount to start iq binare optionen demokonto forum and see how it develops.

There is a lady on YouTube called Estonian Trader who is descibing trend reversal strategies. She used to recommend 24options. Now she is also recommending them. I was thinking of using them as I love their interface. Sadly, not enough user reviews online to confirm whether they're legit or not. Well if he has negative comments they must be good! Already tested it with a few people live for fun with my new micro ALGOs If I made a video of the live trades and results I would be the most popular person on the internet roflmao I will say that IQoption has done such a great job that all other binary option platforms look like a complete joke I have not seen anything better in bins.

Man that would make a good video Too bad, it's still another trader off limits to US traders. I thought they accept U. What gets me is the language used on the site compared to where it's registered to operate. Here's a problem I found. The times of MT4 and IQ don't match. When a 1 minute candle closes on MT4, IQ option is already 30 seconds into the next minute.

Not good for short term traders. Time does not change for anybody, are you sure? The only thing I have seen iq binare optionen demokonto forum they have that 30 sec window which can throw you off but what you can do is rewire your brain and focus on the time in MT4 which time is time and a constant at least from our point of view in this universe.

I could tell you about displacement and how the universe really works mathematically but I don't want to hurt your brain. Anyway point is you just have to watch the 30 second window before it switches to the next minute out. Then match it up to MT4 and you will see what I am talking about, don't just use their platform to view the time. It was a bit confusing at first. I got the hang of it now. Don't know what I was thinking when I typed that. It's ok, even I get retarded from time to time too LoL.

Unfortunately my GF points this out way way too often February edited February Did they hire you to talk them up? Odds are you know 0 or have 0 interest in binary options. There is iq binare optionen demokonto forum review on the site time will tell one thing to note is they don't accept U.

Hi guys, have been trying out this IQ option demo account for iq binare optionen demokonto forum month, seems that their forex assets for trading are changing everyday. Meaning some assets iq binare optionen demokonto forum open for trade on one day but then are closed on the very next day. Did anyone have this problem?

April edited April I've been playing around with the demo iq binare optionen demokonto forum the interface is superb, it's so easy to use. I kinda want to invest real money in it but I did some quick search for reviews, IQ Option's app on the Google Android App Store is getting overwhelming amount of 1 star feedback saying it's almost impossible to withdraw the money you make.

Has anyone had good experience using IQ Option or should I stick to a well established platform? Just as a follow up since I could not confirm my self I have been asking anyone i see using IQ about withdrawls, as of yet no negative responses. May edited May Iq binare optionen demokonto forum received my payment on my account Iq binare optionen demokonto forum I do not understand why taking so long.

I have experienced myself sometimes the purchasing error. Not too sure why as well. Please who can enlighten us on this 'purhasing error'.

I use iqoptions demo account but I keep getting this error anytime I want to enter a trade. What sucks is this is one of the many brokers not available to us in the U. I hear both good and bad about them so if anybody else can relate their experiences would be nice!

I have seen the youtube videos researched online and have seen no negatives. Could it be that this iq binare optionen demokonto forum legitimate or have I missed something. I am a novice. It says working days for a widthrawal so fingers crossed i get it soon.