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Google has lost a lot of my goodwill by removing products I had become very attached to — Google Reader is only the most recent example. For above-ground trains, the bulk of the cost comes from the same place — structures. With cars, this solution is impossible, forcing underground four-level interchanges ; even above ground, those interchanges cost well into the 9 figures, each. You might be talking about:

Thus, the construction industry is one of the only sectors in our economy that has not improved its productivity in the last 50 years. You want to build a subway, you need to build a train yard somewhere to lay over and maintain the trains. Very reasonable people are predicting the market for internal combustion powered cars will collapse in a few years.

It gave rise to the maxim: The ThyssenKrupp technology can seriously outperform those. Though they could do any speed you wanted, I think they have been operating at 15 kmph which is 5 times the standard travelator at a measley 3 kmph which is why you and I always try to walk on them but are often thwarted by other lazy travellers. And Tesla is way too early to be awarding points to anyone, least of all on any concept which tracks to the 19th century after all. Yes they should have been more transparent, that was a bad move sliding it out without putting it in the changelog.

Notify me of new posts via email. Gates was mimicking Henry Ford who for decades refused to change his early model because after all he was still making money hand over fist. In some ways it is similar to some of the things Musk is fantasizing about, but for pedestrians yes, very un-American.

Instead, the plan is to build tunnels carrying cars. Are you responsible for people not reading the original or updated Terms of Use? I have changed the bargain, pray I do not change it further. Similarly, Boring will most certainly not change the fundamental laws of fixed guideway transportation.

Not seller and buyer, nobody really sells and you never own. The rock is very hard and forms natural arches, so the tunnels have no lining, and the stations show bare rock. Insanely easy to use! In addition, there must be substantial engineering. More than in other Cities for sure but tell me how many projects like ESA have been built where your main access for men, equipment and materials is 3 miles from where you are actually constructing the work, access in Queens at the so called 63rd St Bellmouth and construction in Manhattan.

These have tiled and decorated vaulted ceilings by Rafael Guastavino. The rock is very hard and forms natural arches, so the tunnels have no lining, and the stations show bare rock. What we can hope for is that smart companies will agree to a 21 st Century Bill of Consumer Product Rights. The rest is dominated by labor and materials that are insensitive to tunnel width, such as interior lighting and cables. LOL…I would have hoped you could examine both the sides of the argument, that would have made your article more credible.