Porsche torque vectoring option trading

It comes in two flavours as before: The basic format is the same: The standard transmission is a six-speed manual. The body is made from a fairly conservative mix of steel and ally, but the doors, bonnet and rear-luggage-compartment lid are wrought from unalloyed aluminium. The roof itself is a layered, fabric sandwich and comes in three bits, with the frame of the front section made from magnesium for lightness.

A simplification that dropped 12kg alone. Do it the slow-but-fun way and you turn the wheel, sense the understeer drag you inexorably away like a not-quite-beaten addiction, stamp the throttle and be rewarded with a pivot that neatly points the rear where you want it. Adjustable suspension, active engine mounts previously only seen on the , torque-vectoring, intelligent traction control and stability - if you check out the spec list, this thing should seem as natural as Gran Turismo VIII.

But somehow it contrives to make nearly everything feel like old-fashioned roadster fun. The PDK is a sticking point. It also likes to coast - dropping the revs to a mere odd when running downhill in a high gear. Of course, you can prevent the obsession with low rpm by putting the car in Sport Plus, but that just makes the Boxster a bit gung-ho. In fact, by far the best way to drive the car is merely to tap the gearstick into Manual a quick lever flick to the left and choose gears yourself.

Punt the car into a hard corner, and the PTV system brakes an appropriate rear wheel and directs excess torque to the opposite wheel via the locking diff, like a very sophisticated fiddle brake.

Ever seen a tank turn around? Well, this is basically a brainy version of the same thing - pivoting the car around a point some way away from the steering front wheels. Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, habits and vehicle condition. One of the most stunning and rare color combinations you will ever find on a Cayman GTS: This is a must-have option for Porsche enthusiasts!!!

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