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There have been a lot of discussions about investing in cryptocurrencies over the past few months. This is because of increasing values of almost all the crypto coins.

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Ripple behind it. These increasing values are attracting investors and businesses to invest in these digital currencies for far reaching benefits. Almost all the cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology for secure, fast, and reliable fund transfers. Ripple takes the lead in this regard because the blockchain technology employed by it is latest and more beneficial.

Ripple XRP is not only a digital currency but is a payment platform that has eased the cross border transactions. More than companies across the world have adopted its blockchain for cross border transactions. Moreover, many large banks and financial institutions across the world have adopted Ripple as a cross border payment platform. Still, many are planning to join it. India is also no exception where many investors are planning to invest in Ripple. One of the largest problems the Indians are facing is where to find XRP token.

There are many crypto exchanges in the country which also provide the facility of trading Ripple. Even, some exchanges are offering to exchange Ripple with their local currency. If you are also an Indian and facing this problem, this article will guide you through to the process of buying Ripple XRP in your country India.

This article will tell you about top three crypto exchanges in the country that are providing the facility of trading Ripple XRP. The rising demand of cryptocurrencies in India has increased the number of crypto exchanges in the country. Koinex is one of those latest crypto exchanges that have earned a great name in a short span of time. Koinex is a Mumbai based crypto exchange that is providing the facility of trading in many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoinand many more.

Rakesh Yadav, Aditya Naik, and Rahul Raj are the cofounders of this crypto exchange that is playing a key role in bringing the benefits of blockchian technology to the Indians. Koinex offers support for multi currencies and is adding more and more cryptocurrencies for trading. Most of the users in the country say that they have invested in this crypto exchange because of lightening fast verification process.

Koinex also offers the facility of storing XRP tokens into an online wallet. You can follow the steps below to trade Ripple XRP on this exchange. The very first step for trading Ripple XRP through Koinex is the creation of account with the website. The account creation is quite free. Go to signup section on the web page and fill in all the required information.

These are the first name, last name, verified email ID, and mobile number. After you have filled in all the information, press the submit tab. The website will send an email to your given email ID. After clicking the link sent to your account, you can activate your account.

Here, the registration process is completed. This verification is also not much difficult and can be done through any of government document including Aadhar card, PAN card, passport, driving license, and ID card. Normally, Koinex verification process takes 48 hours to complete.

Once KYC verification completes, you are required to link your bank account. Here, it is noteworthy that you can link only one bank account at a time. All ripple trading in india platform trading and fund transfers will take place through this account. If you have more than one ripple trading in india platform account, be cautious in linking the bank account. Always link the account with balances or the account which you use frequently.

Koinex opens a separate account in your name where you would add your bank account as a ripple trading in india platform. All the details regarding your bank account are available under balances tab. After linking bank account with the exchange, you can now transfer ripple trading in india platform in your account.

Koinex is best of all the crypto exchanges of the world in this regard because it tends to show your deposited funds on the website within five minutes after your transfer. No other exchange in the country is providing this facility in the country. You can check the deposited fund under balances tab on the website.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Koinex provides the facility of funds transfer directly from your wallets. This means that you can pay through your mobile wallet like Airtel Money, JioMoney and others.

The only difference between this payment and linked account payment is that wallet payment is costlier than bank deposit. Now, you can trade cryptocurrencies with Indian rupees.

As the exchange offers trading in multi currencies, ripple trading in india platform will have to select Ripple for buying. Here, it is also necessary to mention that the website ripple trading in india platform 0.

One of the drawbacks of Koinex is that the investors or traders are unable to know the trading volume which the other exchanges across the world are providing. This is because the trading volume of the exchange tells the investors a lot about the fluctuations in the market. BuyUcoin is one of those crypto exchanges that have revolutionized the cryptocurrency trading in India.

Since its launch, the platform is continuously upgrading its blockchain and has become the top secure, reliable, and trusted cryptocurrency platform. It also ripple trading in india platform multi currency support and accepts payments through various methods. The exchange has more than 15, registered users that ripple trading in india platform cryptocurrencies through its blockchain network. Ripple is also among the cryptocurrencies that are supported by this exchange. It offers free and convenient way of registration and allows trading right after 24 hours of depositing funds.

Following are the pros and cons of this crypto exchange. Coindelta is also a new but very good exchange that is facilitating the Indians to take advantages of blockchain technology.

The exchange operates on the concepts of maker taker and takes minimal fees. It would be quite right to say that this exchange takes lowest fees than all ripple trading in india platform crypto exchanges trading in India. This exchange offers trading in various cryptocurrencies and also accepts Indian rupee. Coindelta takes the lead over ripple trading in india platform other Indian crypto ripple trading in india platform as its processes the KYC verification in a few hours.

Here, it is also important to mention that this exchange does not take any fees for KYC verification. The only problem with this exchange is that it does not have user friendly interface. This makes it extremely difficult for the ripple trading in india platform users to use this exchange.

The process of account creation takes a little time because the exchange requires some verifications including KYC. After verification, login to your account and trade the cryptocurrency of your choice. Here, it is pertinent to mention that KYC verification process asks the users all personal and bank account details. The users have to link their bank accounts for trading. Once the verification is complete, you can trade the cryptocurrencies.

The exchange takes only little fees ripple trading in india platform compared to other Indian exchanges. It also offers trading in more than 20 cryptocurrencies across the world. One of the most attractive features of this crypto exchange for ripple trading in india platform Indians is that they can register with this exchange without KYC verification and it also takes no registration charges. The user interface of this exchange is quite simple ripple trading in india platform straightforward.

This makes it convenient for the new users to trade cryptocurrencies. The registration process with this exchange is quite simple.

Go to the main page of the official website of the exchange. Enter your email ID and then verify this email ID through clicking the link sent by the exchange. After completing registration, you can directly trade cryptocurrencies. BTCXIndia says that it is going to stop its operations due to increasing governmental pressure for stopping cryptocurrency trading in the country. The exchange says ripple trading in india platform it would not entertain the deposits made after January 1 st.

This is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange that started its operations in In the start, it started to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that the website is now offering multi currency support. Being the oldest crypto exchange, it is the most trusted platform ripple trading in india platform Ripple XRP trading.

The exchange offers fast services and also allows you to store your XRP tokens in online wallets. BTCXIndia offers an easy way to register and takes no registration fees. It also ripple trading in india platform KYC verification which takes about 2 weeks to complete. The exchange also offers competitive exchange rates as compared to other crypto exchanges operating in the country. The exchange is a lot secure and offers a pass code method for additional security. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that this pass code once lost cannot be recovered.

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The list comprises only of cryptocurrency exchanges trading one or more cryptocurrencies and operates in India. How to Buy Litecoin In India. Other Popular Crypto news about Indian exchanges. Koinex is right now the best place to trade multiple cryptocurrencies in India. Its fee charges range from 0. It has good user reviews and has gained much popularity in a very short period of time.

It requires you to go through the verification ripple trading in india platform you can start trading. Koinex also supports UPI Transfer which takes no fee ripple trading in india platform all. Only exchange in India to do so.

Koinex has launched 3 new coins in February thus making it the best exchange with also some major improvements in overall user experience and integration of UPI. Koinex is adding new coins to the exchange like wildfire which is one of the reasons why it is no 1 in our list of Best exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies in India.

Visit Koinex referral program for more info. How to buy Bitcoin in India. A comprehensive guide to Binance Exchange can be found here. Binance provide exchange between cryptocurrencies ripple trading in india platform hence you must have cryptocurrencies and not fiat currency to trade on Binance.

Zebpay is app-enabled bitcoin wallet provider headquartered in Singapore with IT office in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It is one of the most popular platforms for trading bitcoin in India and is highly trusted and provides excellent services. Recently Zebpay has made some changes which have made it more attractive. It was founded by Mahin Gupta in late under the name Buysellbitco. It provides mobile app wallet that facilitates Bitcoin transactions using your mobile number. Although the buy price is still slightly higher than selling price It is way better than the previous one which is similar to Unocoin.

I wish they add UPI since it has been working really fine lately with no pending confirmations at all with any of the ripple trading in india platform available right now. Zebpay has also launched deposites using UPI which was much awaited after Koinex introduced it in February. Apart from trading it also provides videos for understanding Bitcoin and the mysterious world of cryptocurrencies.

Unocoin was founded in in Karnataka and now operates from Bengaluru. It provides Android and iOS wallets as well. It is one of the largest Bitcoin userbase company in India. It is one of the most trusted exchanges in the country and is backed by investors in the US. How to buy Ripple in India.

Visit Unocoin referral program for more info. Bitxoxo was founded in Augustwith Bitcoin as the only trading currency till now. It requires KYC verification for a user to start trading Bitcoins.

Coinsecure is an Indian Bitcoin exchange and trading platform. Ripple trading in india platform offers very low fees at just 0. The only problem with the exchange is that its interface is not at all user-friendly and new users may find it resentful. The exchange requires KYC verification and charges some fee for the transactions. Coinmama allows customers in almost every country to buy bitcoin with a credit or debit card. It is a reliable and trusted platform for Buying Bitcoins and ripple trading in india platform in almost every country in the world but the only disadvantage of buying Bitcoins from Coinmama is that their charges are among some of the highest among credit card platforms.

A comprehensive guide to Binance Exchange. How to buy Litecoin in India. For all cryptocurrencies related news visit Cryptocurrencies in India. These were the 7 Best exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies in India. Did we miss any?

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