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8 5 (pg. 324 - 9 ) Google Scholar CrossRef Search ADS PubMed 9 Hollenbeak CS, Chirumbole M, Novinger B, et al. Stock trading techniques pdf models for diabetes patients in Medicaid, Popul Health Manag, 2011, vol.

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His photos taken on Amsterdams narrow, winding streets offer a fascinating artistic twist in revealing the inspirational source for his oil paintings. In his small ink drawings, objects that have lost their function and objectual nature are revived: tiny gismos, along with pieces of fuzz and debris, come to life as fairytale-like object portraits in an inextricable tangle of stories. Digital print, which then counted as a novelty, as well as images created with the help of computer programs and the digital manipulation of photographs, opened new horizons in image making.

This meant, on the one hand, the artistic employment of newly appearing technical possibilities, and, on the other, a new perspective taking shape around these new technologies, which then also manifested in works produced through analogue means.