Vaillant combi boiler temperature settings

As a learned gentleman Heatmanuk reminded me yesterday, Convection doesn't start until the radiators are at 60c. Thu Feb 03, 1: I live in the south west so we do not have extreme cold weather. In the past, with the old boiler, a setting of 7 when the outside temperature was 4 or 5 degrees C would keep the house pleasant.

With the new boiler a setting of 65 or 70 seems to do the job. With the temp today outside at 10C a boiler setting of 60 is okay and to answer your question at that setting the readings are D40 59C and D41 54C. To answer your other question re TRV's. I operate them incorrectly but in common with the majority I believe. Because the rooms are large and take some heating, I leave them open to max and the old boiler just about coped, as the weather got milder I would turn the boiler down.

But as you can gather my concern is that the new is costing more to run and not less, which is not what I was expecting!! Thu Feb 03, 6: Thu Feb 03, 7: Hot air will always rise, but you won't get circulation within the space. Many years ago I raised the question over LST radiators, saying why not just have a low temperature circuit, instead of fancy covers on the normal rads, I was told it wouldn't work and why but I can't remember exactly what happens, or not as the case maybe.

Perhaps an e to the link you posted. Thu Feb 03, 8: Thu Feb 03, 9: Vaillant boiler help please! Vaillant Ecopro 28 Wont come on Forum: No hot water - Vaillant boiler Forum: Page 2 of Previous topic Next topic. As a learned gentleman Heatmanuk reminded me yesterday, Convection doesn't start until the radiators are at 60c, As I hinted yesterday the boiler parameters for the heating should be turned right down to try and match the load.

You need at least 70c coming out of the boiler. This is because the output of a radiator varies according to the water temperature; it is not like an electric fire.

A "1kw" rad only produces 1kW when the average water temperature is 70C. The output of the is 24kW for central heating and 31kW for hot water. It is designed to run with a lower average temperature than the VCW, so rad outputs may be less. You say you have the TRVs set to max. TRVs keep the valve fully open until they reach the required temperature, when they close down just enough to maintain the required temperature.

So setting the TRV to max only changes the required temperature. It will not make the room get any hotter if the rads are not producing enough heat. Did you need the TRVs on max and was the house warm enough when you had the old boiler? What are your flow d. For this message the author D Hailsham has received gratitude: Never heard that one!

Convection currents Dave, must be something in google I would have thought. To get air circulation, you need a heat source to start it going radiator below 60c the rad will just get hot but not circulate the air around the room.

Research for you Dave. I understand how convection works; it was the magic figure of 60c which I was querying. I did some research after I posted my original query and found this: If so they are undersized or there isn't enough of them! A couple of quid makes a real difference. Fri Dec 03, 2: With any luck one of the guys will post a link to an online rad calculator you can use this to show your landlord what size rads you should have.

Insulation sounds like the biggest problem or lack of as the case may be, thick curtains may help a bit. Check, you're only paying for your flat and not any communal radiators, in landings and entrance halls, stairwell etc. Given the boiler is working properly your radiators are too hot to touch then the heat being put out by them is 'disappearing' and the lack of double-glazing is but one cause. Basically, you're heating the outside world. What you could do is turn the boiler down, and have it on longer, and try it for a month, you should be able to make a log of the meter reading now and for the nest month on a daily basis.

Sorry to say that there is no such thing as a 'cheap' electric heater. They are far more expensive than gas heating and you'd be better off spending the money on the gas to keep the boiler going. Fri Dec 03, 3: Is that a shared bill then You wouldn't heat a 4 bed house for that, even if the place was super well lagged, unless they're fiddling the meter. Fri Dec 03, 4: Do a couple of days as is, and record the daily use at the meter, then try it for a while keeping a record with the new settings.

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